Bicycle Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

Bicycle Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

Since bicyclists generally have no form of protection other than a possible bicycle helmet, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries when struck by a car, truck, or motorcycle.

Even before fault is determined, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco will make sure that the vehicle owner’s insurance carrier immediately pays all necessary medical bills, lost wages, and various other benefits pursuant to the New York State “No-Fault” Law. To obtain these benefits, a no-fault application must be properly completed and filed with the appropriate insurance company within thirty days after the incident. McAndrew Conboy & Prisco will help you complete and file these forms to ensure that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

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An injured bicyclist may also be able to obtain additional compensation (above the amount collected from the vehicle owner’s insurance carrier) from an applicable underinsured motorist provision. McAndrew Conboy & Prisco knows how to search for and pursue all avenues of recovery.

With our thorough case preparation, a network of experts, and negotiation and litigation skills, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco will maximize your recovery.

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