Car Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

Car Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

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McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients involved in car accidents. With decades of experience handling every type of car accident, we know how to conduct a thorough investigation and litigate an action to maximize a client’s recovery.

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The insurance carrier for the vehicle occupied by the driver and/or passenger is required to immediately pay for all medical bills and lost earnings regardless of fault. To obtain these benefits, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco completes the no-fault application and submits it to the insurance carrier within the allocated 30-day time period.

To pursue an action against the other driver, even when that driver admits complete fault, the injured party must meet the “serious injury” threshold set forth in New York State Insurance Law §5102(d). The “serious injury” requirement is satisfied if you sustained a fracture, significant disfigurement, or any catastrophic injury. Nevertheless, in these instances, you will still need an aggressive advocate who knows how to prove the full extent of your injuries.

Clients who initially do not clearly meet the “serious injury” threshold have different issues that must be properly addressed. A skilled attorney can prove that a painful and debilitating neck or back injury is a significant and permanent injury even if the injured party missed only a few days from work or school. McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has the knowledge and extensive experience to prove that a client meets the “serious injury” threshold even when none of the statute’s nine categories are clearly satisfied.

We also know how to investigate all potential sources for compensation and vigorously pursue all avenues of recovery.

If you sustained injuries in a car accident, please contact McAndrew Conboy & Prisco immediately for a free consultation.

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