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McAndrew, Conboy & Prisco Obtain Dismissal for Their Client:
Plaintiff brought suit against a telephone company alleging that while on private premises she was injured when she collided with a telephone booth housing a telephone installed by the defendant. Plaintiff claimed that the placement of the telephone booth in combination with other factors, such as the lighting conditions at the time, constituted a dangerous condition and thus, defendant telephone company was negligent. The Firm achieved a victory for its telephone company client on the grounds that the placement of the telephone booth was not the proximate cause of plaintiff’s injuries.

McAndrew, Conboy & Prisco Obtain Early Dismissal Via Summary Judgment For Property Owner:
Plaintiff alleged that she sustained injury as a result of an elevator malfunction. She sued, among others, the property owner. McAndrew, Conboy & Prisco (“MPC”) obtained the lease and other documentation from the property owner to develop an out of possession landlord defense. Based upon this documentation, MPC moved for summary judgment; the Supreme Court, Bronx County granted the motion.

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  • Eastern District of New York, baggage handler injured by tractor, suffers fractured neck and quadriplegia, jury verdict and judgment entered for $48,000,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Nassau County, medical malpractice, infant born with cerebral palsy, settled for $10,650,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Bronx County, woman struck by cab, fractures to both legs, judgment for $5,090,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Nassau County, brain damaged baby, settled for $3,490,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, New York County, construction worker injured from fall from ladder, neck and back injuries, verdict $2,900,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Suffolk County, construction worker/flagman struck by vehicle, judgment for $950,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Kings County, Construction worker injured in gas explosion, received burns to both hands and arms, settled for $910,000.00.
  • Supreme Court, Bronx County, worker injured back while carrying equipment up stairs at construction site, judgment $1,209,469.00.