construction accident lawyer westchester, island ny

Construction Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

Construction Accident Lawyer NYC, Long Island, and Westchester

For more than 30 years, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has represented workers who have tripped due to a hole or debris on the job site or who have fallen off of faulty ladders, defective scaffolds, unprotected roofs, etc. McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has recovered millions of dollars for injured construction workers. Additionally, our appellate work has helped shape the law that protects workers.

McAndrew Conboy & Prisco understands the many challenges construction workers face daily on job sites. A laborer might be forced to choose between performing a required task with faulty equipment or risk losing his or her job. There are various New York State Labor Laws and Industrial Code Regulations that specifically address the proper protection and safety equipment that must be provided to workers.

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When a worker sustains an injury on a job site, the consequences of the worker’s injury can be devastating not only because of the actual physical injury but also because the demands of the particular job make it more difficult for the worker to return to that line of work. A knee injury will be substantially more devastating to a laborer who needs to kneel daily than to an employee who works behind a desk.

When an injured laborer is a union member and unable to return to work, the loss of union benefits combined with the lost income could total millions of dollars.

McAndrew Conboy & Prisco works with top construction experts to establish the liability of the property owner, general contractor, and subcontractor. Likewise, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has a network of highly credentialed vocational rehabilitation experts, economists, and physicians to assist in proving the full extent of the worker’s damages.

Labor Law §240 demands that any laborer performing work involving construction, demolition, alterations, repairs, painting, and now window cleaning, be provided with the proper protection to prevent a fall from a height.

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Additionally, McAndrew Conboy & Prisco has won numerous summary judgment motions for laborers, leaving only the total monetary amount to be awarded to the worker for the jury to decide.

McAndrew Conboy & Prisco understand the unique attributes of the construction industry and the devastating financial, emotional, and physical impact that injuries can have on a laborer.

Generally, the benefits a worker receives from the workers compensation carrier are inadequate and minimal, particularly in light of the additional compensation that McAndrew Conboy & Prisco can obtain.

If you have been injured while performing any type of work including construction, demolition, renovation, alteration, painting, cleaning, roofing etc., please call McAndrew Conboy & Prisco immediately for a free consultation.

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